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OUR Slogan:   Quality oriented we are!

  1. Ivory International School - Buloba, located exactly along Kampala - Mityana Highway
  2. We boast of a safe, healthy and generally conducive environment for learning and accomodation.
  3. We run both Local (Ugandan) and International curricula.
  4. A state of the art Computer laboratory equipping learners with ICT knowledge and computer skills.
  5. The first K-Europe (Top Class) commissioned to Year One during the Ivorian Pioneers' Day in 2019.
  6. Chair dance performance. MDD is one of our co-curricular activities.
  7. Appreciation week climax. Our parents appreciated the staff and the pupils. The school also appreciated the parents for the support.
  8. Shopping - Another one of our field and excursion programs. This is to instill financial displine in Learners.
  9. Swimming - One of the numerous extramural activities we have at school.
  10. Academic tours are one of the field and excursion programs exposing learners to experience of the world beyond school.

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